Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Day


I finally got here! After a long day of travels, I made it to my hostel in Santiago. My first flight to Toronto got canceled, so I had to scramble to find another flight to make the connector. Flight from Toronto to Santiago was ok. It was long. There was this screaming kid, the whole damn time. I wanted to get up and punch the kid in the face, and of course the mother was just standing there doing nothing.

Alex was right about how cold the apartment would be. My hands are cold as I am writing this blog! There is no central air in the hostel, most rooms just have a gas space heater. I guess its something that I will have to get used to. The hostel is fine, very basic but its what I expected. Only myself and another teacher are currently staying here. I am staying downtown (sort of), and my room has a nice view of a park with a castle at the top of the park. So thats what I did today, is hike around the park and explore. The view at the top is amazing, but its hard to see the huge mountains with all the smog and pollution in the air. You can really notice a difference in the air quality.

Only Spanish is spoken here, which is exciting (because I have to learn quick), but it will be difficult at times esp these next couple of weeks (going to the store, internet cafe, etc). Luckily, I have the basics down to sort of get my way around.

Training starts on Monday and tomorrow I am meeting with my program director to work on the visa stuff.

Hasta Luego!


Aaron said...

How long are you staying in the hostel? Are you going to get an apartment?


The Chile Experiment said...

I am in the hostel for 30 days then I have to find my own place. So hopefully I will find a apartment to share with somebody.....What am I missing in the office nfccahl?