Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its still cold!

Ok its my first weekend here and lets just say that my weekend plans are few and far between. I have been hanging out with other English teachers which is awesome and playing guitar (one of the teachers has one). So last night we just got a bunch of beer and listened to music. Probably go to a party tonight that one of the teachers is having. Last night was so cold that I actually slept in my sleeping bag underneath my covers. Man am I glad that I brought it! Major things that I have noticed here...

1. People eat a ton of Mayo on everthing.
2. No central heat (as mentioned before).
3. People eat most things with a fork and spoon (including hamburgers).
4. When saying hello and goodbye to females, you always give them a kiss on the cheek (I haven´t gotten this much action in a long time, haha)
5. There are many stores called cafes which are strip clubs (I haven´t seen a starbucks version yet)
6. Simple theft is very common, when eating at a cafe, always hold your bag and don´t let it out of sight!

Well, I am going to go outside because its warmer out there....

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adrian said...

you need to start eating candy bars with a knife and fork like in seinfeld. glad you are settling in!