Sunday, July 13, 2008

Even More Pics!!

The weekend was great. Today, I went Skiing in the Andes Mountains! It was awesome, the pictures that are below do not even capture how awesome the mountains were. Friday night was fun too, went to a bar (which the 80s are still alive and well) and watched, there will be blood. The first 3 pics are from when I was walking around Santiago after it rained (thats the best time to see the mountains) and the other pics are from skiing today.


golgolli said...

Wow looks like things are really picking up! Beautiful skyline... how far did you have to go to get to the Andes? I wish it was skiing season here right now, I'm jealous!

adrian said...

is that the bunny hill? :)

it looks amazing there! you moving to the new spot now?

The Chile Experiment said...

Golli: It took us about a hour to get to the mountain. Crazy that it is that close eh?

Adrian: Haha, yeah there weren´t many beginner hills er mountains. But its hard to tell since all signs were in Spanish!