Thursday, July 24, 2008

One month in Chile

Today is the one month mark for me in Chile. That is crazy to think about! 3 weeks in a hostel and 1 week in my new apartment. Things are pretty good here, I really enjoy my new apartment and roomies. They are very cool and they show me around and I see things that I probably wouldn't see on my own.

Yesterday I was angry in the morning because I thought that we didn't have any hot water for my shower. That's the last thing I want, when after a cold night. I want a hot shower and I turn it on and the water is ice cold! So I didn't take a shower that morning. I later find out it was cold because you actually have to turn the gas on before taking a shower...That pretty much sums up my time in Chile, figuring everything out by trial and error. Ha

On Sunday, we went to this huge market, which happens once a week and that is where everybody buys their fresh produce. Its amazing to see, and really cheap. For example, I could buy a kilo of lemons for about 50 cents. You also can by everything else as well, clothes, bootleg cds, etc..

I really have learned that I have to cook from scratch a lot more too. (there are no Salsbury Steak TV dinners, boo!) From my roomers, I have picked up a few things to make. Soups, etc. Because it is always cold in the apartment, I drink tea all day too..

Spanish is coming along, with me learning more vocabulary everyday. I try to read a lot too. Currently, I am reading the Spanish version of Jack and Beanstalk....or whatever it is called. I still cant understand anybody though.

Classload is starting to pick up. I have classes in the morning, then a break, then a class in the evening. The only thing that stinks about that is I have a huge break in the afternoon. I usually don't go home because it wastes time and money. This time is where I usually fit in Spanish class or meet up with one of my roomies. Just for the heck of it, I walked home the other day to see how long it take me. It took me a little over a hour (so probably about 3 or 4 miles), so its something I not going to do everyday. In the summertime, I think that I want to get a bike.

I found the best place to eat Chilean food as well. So I have a local place to take people when they come and visit me...Right? Right?

I also have decided to buy a guitar. I think that I am going to buy a acoustic one because its more portable and I dont need to buy a amp (it probably would piss off my roomies as well). I probably will buy it on the weekend or early next week.

Oh something really cool. I actually found out I get 4 weeks of vacation, not a week like I thought. I am going to come home to Chicago and Michigan on Dec 22 through the 28th. Its short, but I can only get that much time off work. But that leaves 3 weeks to explore Chile before next July. So I was happy to figure out that!


adrian said...

last night during jeopardy! the answer was a picture of your country. sadly you were not able to answer the question even though your character was playing with us. glad you are settling in...i can't believe it has been a month! it still seems like you're on an endless audit and you will be coming back to hit up the rainbo on friday. guess we'll wait til december.

Alex said...

adrian's post made me cry. the computer screen in blurry.

The Chile Experiment said...

It does seem like a long audit. It seems like my flight home is really delayed! I miss the Rainbo Whiskey and diets, Whiskey is really expensive here, its actually cheaper to get a Johnny Walker Red, vs. Jack Daniels or Jim Beam...that is messed up!

jonathon said...

one month. son of a b. i'll send you some mr. daniels to hold you over on your long layover.

Eugene said...

With all that vacation... if you want to travel in April or May, that might actually work better for me to try that local place.... :)