Saturday, July 19, 2008

Que Frio!

So I have moved into my new apartment, finally! Its nice to have a real place. My roomies are really cool. Mostly Spanish is spoken in the house, but they are great about teaching me and correcting me. They have even placed a bunch of sticky notes around the house indicating what things are in Spanish. Its pretty funny. I am living in Nuñoa (for those who know Santiago).

I like the apartment too, my room is small, about the size of a jailcell, but it has a attached bathroom which is nice. I have a different commute to work (a few buses) but its not too bad. I went out with them too last night, we ended up going to a huge house party and stayed out way too late. The party was huge, the cops dont break up parties like in the states.

Tonight, I think that I am going to a party at a old Manison, I guess they have 5 parties a year and they are suppose to be a good time (live music, tons of people, etc). Should be interesting.

One more interesting thing, Chile has lots of street performers. The only difference is that these performers actually get on the bus and play a few songs before getting off. Its pretty entertaining!


Alex said...

looks nice weaver.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, it's Wednesday, it has been over 4 days now with no new entries. I expected more from you! ;)

adrian said...

is that where the magic happens?