Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Something funny

1. I ended up blowing my alarm clock because the voltage here is too high for small electronics (luckly it was a cheap clock and so I bought a transformer to have no more issues).

2. A few of us teachers were talking and one teacher said, "you guys had to take the pychological testing before they offered you the job right?" All of us said no! Haha.

Still trying to sort through all these apartment ads to find a place. And tomorrow I teach my first class. Its a conversation class, so there isn´t a lot of preparation needed, all we need to do is talk. Easy enough. I also am starting to take some private Spanish lessons tomorrow as well (muy bien!)


May Will said...

hola! Glad you are having fun in Chile. The nothing to do after six pm thing reminds me of when I first came to America for college and had no friends and no TV.


jonathon said...

1. That's what she said.
2. The psychological guy is trying to get in your pants, run.
3. Jonny, Diego and I are drinking.
4. Bapeediboopoo
5. How's the mustache? Are you giving rides yet?
6. The housekeeper sounds hot, sounds like a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.
7. Yeah,Yeah!
8. Motoring!!!!!!!!!!
10. bacci

The Chile Experiment said...

Gentleman, it brings me great happyness to think of what started the "Yeah Yeah" song thing. What would happen if ¨they¨ went camping......

I wish I could be a part of the Chicago times ago...but remember, I can´t home back until I learn proper spanish (right alex?)