Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its getting warmer outside!

I can tell that spring is on its way. I no longer have to wear the jacket inside the house or double up the layers outside. The weather this weekend was quite nice, it was probably between 65 and 70 both days. Of course, I actually didnt do that much outside! Weekend was good though, Friday was supposed to be a chill night with just a few beers because a few of us were suppose to get up early on Saturday and do a hike. But of course, we ended up not having a chill night and ended out way too late. We started the night at my friend Victors house, and jammed on the guitar with a few people then we went to another house for a while. Saturday during the day, I studied Spanish and messed around on the computer (I am trying to re-catolog my music collection, which is taking forever). Saturday night, we had a party at another friends house. His apartment was neat because it had a rooftop deck with a view of the city. At the end of the night, we had a bonfire too which was really cool. And no, it was a legit bonfire pit, we werent just burning trash or something.....Sunday was chill to, I went to the Feria and picked up another 6 pounds of fruit for the week. In the evening, I checked out a apartment to move into. This apartment is really close to work, which is awesome. Its about a 2 minute walk to work! This means that I will save on commuting time and money. I am sick of wasting a bunch of time going back home for breaks during the school day. But this apartment would kinda like be living with a host family. The mom, a 6 year old kid and another guy (I dont know if its the father or not) lives there. They dont speak any English, which is what I need to really force myself to learn Spanish quicker. I figure if I dont like it I will just move out (like most rooms, its a month to month lease). Of course, I have to tell my roomates that I will be moving out before I have to. This means my roomates will get about a month and a half less rent, but I cant help the situation.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Man, my days seem long and I am not even working that much! The reason is because I have long breaks between classes (like 3 or 4 hours) and I dont want to run home because it wastes a lot of time and money. Thats good, saving time and money, but it makes for a heck of a long day. Today, I left my house at 7AM and I didnt get home until 9PM. And I only had 3 classes today! In between my classes, I had lunch or sit at a outdoor cafe with other teachers, mess around on the internet, study Spanish or have Spanish class.

One more observation about Chilean life: Fanny packs (yes thats what I said), are huge here! The hipster scene here is intense as well. The folks from Rainbo, could learn a thing or two.

I also am buying a computer from my school. Its a used laptop only about a 1 year old, but its really cheap and its a pretty nice computer as well. I am excited to finally have my own computer, because I dont have to pester my roomies for one all the time, and I can make Skype Calls, and look at guitar stuff any time I want. Bonus!

Lately, I have started looking for a new apartment as well. At first, I didnt want to do it, but now, I am excited to find a new place. My apartment is ok, but I am sick of wasting a lot of money and time commuting to and from work. So, I am trying to find some places near work that I can walk to. It would be great to come home in the afternoon just for a little while! I have emailed a few people and probably will see some places this week.....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Monday

Another Monday...Nothing exciting about that. But at least my Mondays aren't too bad, I only have 2 classes. Weekend was fun though. Friday I went to a party with my roommate in the center of town. It was pretty fun, I met a lot of other English teachers from other schools. Saturday was kinda cold, so I didn't do that much. In the afternoon, I walked around Plaza De Aramas and Santa Lucia. I was trying to find my favorite empanana place, but it was to no success. Another day I will try find it.

Saturday night was fun, I went to a fellow English teachers birthday party. We started the night eating Peruvian food (which was amazing), then went to Brazilian bar. Soon than you know it, it was 5AM and time to go home.

Sunday was quite nice here. It was really warm during the day so I went exploring around my neighborhood. I probably walked about 4 or 5 miles. It was a little more than I wanted to, but I got lost and had to retrace my steps back. Sunday I was suppose to play Poker but that didn't happen, so I was bummed. In the evening, I just watched some Seinfeld (The one where Jerry and George hop into O´Briens limo) on my DVD player and studied Spanish. All around a good weekend.

I can feel that Spring is coming because the days are getting longer, warmer and I don't freeze in the house all the time!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Things that I do

Here are the two things that I do the most here (besides teaching and studying)...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why cant it ever be easy?

So on Friday, I was told by my roomates, that we have to all move out of our apartment by October 31st....yeah, I know....The mother of the sisters that live here, (who owns the place), has decided to move back in for various reasons. And from the sound of it, it appears everybody is going their own seperate that means in 2 months, I have to start the process of looking for a new place and new roomies! Grrrr......, just when I was getting comfortable with the place! Originally, I was frustrated by the news, but its really nobodys fault. The other roomates just found out last week, so its not like they knew the whole time. But, on the brightside, it does give me a chance to meet more people in a new setting. Not to mention the fact, that I know the city better now and have adequate time to find a new place (unlike last time, which I was rushing to get out of the hostel)...I havent really decided where I want to go. I mean my commute isnt bad, but it would be nice to avoid the bus to train transfer thing. So I figure in the end of September, I will start that whole process again.......

We had a 3 day weekend, because of the holiday on Friday (something to do with a lady named Mary....haha), but Friday it rained all day. It was a miserable day, freezing in the house and raining. I decided to cook that day and bought a bunch of stuff to make Chili with (no jokes please), but of course they dont sell Chili powder here, so I have to buy a spice that was close to it. The Chili actually was quite tasty. Friday night, I ended going to a friends house who had a party which was fun.

Yesterday, my friend Will and I did, so hiking in the mountains. We originally wanted to go to a cerro called Pochoco, but we ended up the wrong side of the valley and had to hike another random hill. It was awesome and quite steep (I will post pictures later), but its sooo cool, I can take a bus to the city limits (probably a 30 or 45 min ride) and be in the countryside! Its amazing...

Today, I probably will just hang around the apartment, buy some food and study Spanish. But, its nice out as well, so maybe I will go exploring....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Glimpse into Chilean Society

So, a few people have told me about how a motel is a popular option for couples, etc who want to get "intimate", I always assumed that they meant for the night. This made sense for me, since its not uncommon for people in their late 20s, early 30s to live with their parents. So people need to get away, I get it....

Well, typically you dont rent a room for the entire night, but a few hours! When I think of renting a motel for a few hours, I always think of the shady places next to the highway....or where the drug deals go down.... If somebody told their partner, "hey, lets get a hotel, just for a few hours", most people in the states would just laugh and think its trashy. But, here its looked as a romantic jesture....

On another random note, premade salsa is very expensive here as well as tortillas, cheese, etc. Its expensive, because its not a popular item. Thats one thing in the states I took for granted, because of all different cultures, its easy to get all different kindas of foods, etc. But here, if you dont like hot dogs (people love hot dogs here, its like the biggest aisle in the supermarket), well, too bad.....

So because of this expensive salsa issue, I decided to make my own today. It turned out really well, but mistake #1 is that I just made too much of it. I ended up with about 1.5 liters, so I guess I will be eating salsa all week!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Lazy Saturday

For once its not as cold as it usually is in the house! Wasnt a bad week, most days I was finished with work by 2 or 3PM. Then I would just go home, study spanish, play guitar or hang out with my roommates. Last night was fun too, I went to a fellow teachers Saxophone concert, which was cool, then we went back to another teachers house and a huge jam session that involved 3 guitars, a piano and a sax. It was awesome. Then we went to a really ghetto ("flaite" as they say here), regge bar called El Jammin, it was neat but the crowd was interestering to say the least. After that I made my way home on the bus, which at a late hour always presents interesting scenes. ....

The best discovery of the week, has been Skype. I have always known about it, but never really checked it out because I dont have my own computer, but I can use my roomies computer to make calls. And its really cheap! So friends, expect random calls from me every once and a while.

I also am looking to buy a computer, I tried to hold out, but it seems like more I could use one. I am trying to buy a used one from HP, but who knows how long that will take.

In September, I also want to go to several big football matches which are happening here. Chile is hosting a number of matches and I hope to buy a package. Pretty much all latin american teams are coming, so I hope to get tixs to a few of the big ones (Brazil, Argentina, etc), by next week. Its going to be great! I cant wait to see all the crazy fans. I also need to buy a Chile jersey, so to make it clear which side I am cheering for!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Busy Busy Busy

Last week was good, besides the lack of Sleep. It stinks when you go to a Jazz Club and the music doesnt start til 11PM and you have to teach a 8AM class the next day! Friday and Saturday was fun too. Friday night I played Poker with a few fellow teachers, which was fun, but I lost about 12 dollars (so not too bad). Saturday, I went hiking in the mountains above Santiago, the views at the top were amazing. When you see the city from up there, one truly realizes the size of the city. Saturday night, I played more Poker and lost another 12 dollars! I think I need to change poker strategy!

Friday was also my first payday, which is exciting since I only get paid once a month (thats the standard down here). But, its hard for people like me to get a bank account, so I have to cash the check.

I also have been playing my new guitar a lot. I am very happy with my purchase, as it provides me with another form of entertainment.

No plans for the week yet, but things seen to always come up last minute......