Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Lazy Saturday

For once its not as cold as it usually is in the house! Wasnt a bad week, most days I was finished with work by 2 or 3PM. Then I would just go home, study spanish, play guitar or hang out with my roommates. Last night was fun too, I went to a fellow teachers Saxophone concert, which was cool, then we went back to another teachers house and a huge jam session that involved 3 guitars, a piano and a sax. It was awesome. Then we went to a really ghetto ("flaite" as they say here), regge bar called El Jammin, it was neat but the crowd was interestering to say the least. After that I made my way home on the bus, which at a late hour always presents interesting scenes. ....

The best discovery of the week, has been Skype. I have always known about it, but never really checked it out because I dont have my own computer, but I can use my roomies computer to make calls. And its really cheap! So friends, expect random calls from me every once and a while.

I also am looking to buy a computer, I tried to hold out, but it seems like more I could use one. I am trying to buy a used one from HP, but who knows how long that will take.

In September, I also want to go to several big football matches which are happening here. Chile is hosting a number of matches and I hope to buy a package. Pretty much all latin american teams are coming, so I hope to get tixs to a few of the big ones (Brazil, Argentina, etc), by next week. Its going to be great! I cant wait to see all the crazy fans. I also need to buy a Chile jersey, so to make it clear which side I am cheering for!

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