Monday, August 4, 2008


Busy Busy Busy

Last week was good, besides the lack of Sleep. It stinks when you go to a Jazz Club and the music doesnt start til 11PM and you have to teach a 8AM class the next day! Friday and Saturday was fun too. Friday night I played Poker with a few fellow teachers, which was fun, but I lost about 12 dollars (so not too bad). Saturday, I went hiking in the mountains above Santiago, the views at the top were amazing. When you see the city from up there, one truly realizes the size of the city. Saturday night, I played more Poker and lost another 12 dollars! I think I need to change poker strategy!

Friday was also my first payday, which is exciting since I only get paid once a month (thats the standard down here). But, its hard for people like me to get a bank account, so I have to cash the check.

I also have been playing my new guitar a lot. I am very happy with my purchase, as it provides me with another form of entertainment.

No plans for the week yet, but things seen to always come up last minute......

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Alex said...

it has been 4 days. let's get an update already! hope you have a killer weekend. however, dont die or get killed.