Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its getting warmer outside!

I can tell that spring is on its way. I no longer have to wear the jacket inside the house or double up the layers outside. The weather this weekend was quite nice, it was probably between 65 and 70 both days. Of course, I actually didnt do that much outside! Weekend was good though, Friday was supposed to be a chill night with just a few beers because a few of us were suppose to get up early on Saturday and do a hike. But of course, we ended up not having a chill night and ended out way too late. We started the night at my friend Victors house, and jammed on the guitar with a few people then we went to another house for a while. Saturday during the day, I studied Spanish and messed around on the computer (I am trying to re-catolog my music collection, which is taking forever). Saturday night, we had a party at another friends house. His apartment was neat because it had a rooftop deck with a view of the city. At the end of the night, we had a bonfire too which was really cool. And no, it was a legit bonfire pit, we werent just burning trash or something.....Sunday was chill to, I went to the Feria and picked up another 6 pounds of fruit for the week. In the evening, I checked out a apartment to move into. This apartment is really close to work, which is awesome. Its about a 2 minute walk to work! This means that I will save on commuting time and money. I am sick of wasting a bunch of time going back home for breaks during the school day. But this apartment would kinda like be living with a host family. The mom, a 6 year old kid and another guy (I dont know if its the father or not) lives there. They dont speak any English, which is what I need to really force myself to learn Spanish quicker. I figure if I dont like it I will just move out (like most rooms, its a month to month lease). Of course, I have to tell my roomates that I will be moving out before I have to. This means my roomates will get about a month and a half less rent, but I cant help the situation.....

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