Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I would rather be on the beach.....

So from last Wednesday afternoon to Sunday Night, I was away on holiday in Pichilemu (a popular surf town). We were celebrating Chiles independence day. It is a big deal here, people celebrate it for the entire week pretty much, everybody puts the flag on their cars, their houses, etc. Its a very neat thing to experience. Anyway, on Wednesday night, we arrived to the cabins that we had rented (there were 9 of us, mostly teachers). The cabins were fine, pretty basic, but they were about 2 blocks from the ocean. So for the next 4 days, we would relax on the beach, cook a huge BBQ and hang out every night. It was a blast and really relaxing. The weather was nice, it was cold, I just had to wear a jacket on the beach, but at least it was sunny. One night, we brought a bunch of wood down to the beach and had a fire. We also tried to sleep on the beach for the night around the fire, but it got too cold because we only had like 3 blankets for 5 people and ended up going back to the cabins at about 3AM. One night, we also went to a Fonda, which is typical celebration about this time. Its basically a large barn like structure with a dirt floor, haybales and a live band. The night that we went was packed, probably several hundred people were there. We got there by bus and the bus terminal was really busy about 20 buses were leaving so, you can imagine the amount of crazyness going on around there. The bus system is pretty good here, its pretty easy to get to cities. Its pretty cheap too, about 10 dollars a way (ok for a 3 hour ride) Here are some pics:

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