Monday, September 1, 2008

New Place in 2 weeks!

So I made a deposit on a new place today. Its not that huge of a investment only about 40 bucks...hehe. But, I chose the place that I looked at yesterday. The best part is that it is really close to work! I mean I can actually see my work building from my new apartment awesome right? Its a little more expensive, but it will turn out to be cheaper because I dont have to pay commuting costs and I probably will gain about 2 hours a day saved from commuting time. When I have long times in between classes, I hate wasting my time just hanging out at the school but I hate wasting 1.5 hours just to come home between class. Now, I wont have to worry about that any more. The only hard part was telling my roomates...Here is the kicker..because of the situation, I have to move out anyway in a 1.5 months right? But, because the new apartment didnt want to hold the place vacant for 1.5 months, I had to take it now, which means I wont pay them(my current roomates) the 1.5 months worth of rent. Because they only have a month left in the place, its unlikely that another person will take my spot, so that means that they are out about 400 bucks. I know it sucks for them (I mean I dont want to screw them over, because they have really been good to me), but hey it sucks for me. I mean they told me that I had to find a new place in a few months right after I had only been there for 30 days. I would have never moved into a place where I had move out in 3 months. So I told one of the roommates, who didnt take it that great, which leaves one more to tell. Should be interesting.....

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