Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bored at work

So me and another teacher found a wesbite where we can play chess online. I dont even like chess that much, but it passes the time when we are just sitting at the school with nothing else to do. We just sit at 2 computers and play each other. Haha. Weekend was good, just went to a few random parties and bars. Our time changed as well, so now we are a hour ahead of US Eastern standard time. I always forget that everything is backward here. So I cant use that catchy saying ("fall back").

While I was waiting for a friend in one of the metro stations on Friday night, a huge fight broke out. It was very small at first just 2 people and the security guards tried to break it up, but soon after 15 more people decided to get involved in the situation. This is where the security guards stepped away and let the people fight. It was pretty crazy!

I also got my internet working again, I had to buy a USB wireless adapter, which kinda stinks, but oh well...

Weather is still getting warmer outside which is nice. Hopefully, the weather is nice for tomorrow, because me and a few coworkers have tickets to see the Chile vs Argentina football match which is a qualifier for the world cup. I am really excited to go. I just have to make sure that I wear the right colors to the game and dont get beat up by a bunch of punks! People take is seriously here, a friend of a friend got their window busted in their car because they had a Eqcuador flag in their car (Chile lost to them on Sunday...)

One more random tidbit, so tonight I was playing some video games with the kid and we were playing this game called Panda, but it was exactly like Mario (even had all the same secret levels and everything!) Crazyness................

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