Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chile 1, Argentina 0

So last night I attended the football match between Argentina and Chile. We got there at about 5PM because we wanted a good seat (the game didnt start until about 8PM). The stadium is very old and run down (a stadium like that would never fly in the US), and its the same place where countless people were killed after the 73 coop. Its a weird thought to think that as you walk through the halls. Its easy to ask the question, because of the history, why hasnt the place been torn down? Well, the answer is a lot deep than that. But anyway, the experience was very awesome. They dont have consession stands, just a few people selling homemade stuff with a few strung up light blubs hanging over head. About 7:30, the place was full. I read today that there were about 75,000 people there. Argentina had a small fan base, but there were lots of riot police there to protect them.
But the experience is something that I will never forgot, people are sooo loud, chanting, jumping and shouting dirty sayings. Pretty much anything goes, people were lighting flares and fireworks in the stadium. Every once and awhile, a large boom or bottle rocket would go off in the sky. Madness in a good way. I love live football, I think it is the best thing to watch live.

But the best reason why is that it is a lifetime experience is because Chile actually beat Argentina! This has never happened in history! Never! So, you can imagine the enviroment when the final whistle was blown or when the only goal was scored. I cant even describe how cool it was. After the game, we got some dinner at a bar a little bit away from the stadium, and even hours after the game was over, people were still driving through the streets, beeping their horns and holding flags outside their cars....Amazing!

Movies and pics to come later.....

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