Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pics and Videos from the Football game

These pics and videos dont really show the true enviroment of the game, but its pretty close....

Start of the game

End of Game

More celebration


Me and my bud Will

Me and my friends Jon and Will


jonathon said...

where are all of you chilean friends? did you three white guys go to eat at tgi fridays or applebees after the game?!

also, you look like you must have lost 20 pounds since we last saw you - that beans and rice diet must be working!

glad to see you're enjoying's getting cold here, and the only notable thing thats happening is the upcoming election. it's pretty exciting...i'm sure you've read all about it.

The Chile Experiment said...

Dude, it takes time to break into the Chilean circle...And no we didnt go to TGI Fridays....because there was a long wait....haha.

I think I am trying to make up for the lost weight, by growing my hair long. Makes sense right?

jonathon said...

i can see how tgi fridays would have a long wait...i mean its game night in chile, why wouldn't it be packed? i bet chili's was overflowing.

you should make up for the lost weight by wearing muscle shirts and growing a mustache. maybe the long hair might help too. also, stop showering...women dig it. thats what i hear at least.