Sunday, November 2, 2008

El Domingo

The 3 day weekend has come to a end. I have been so busy and its been go go go all week! We didnt have to work Friday because for some random reason, Chile gets Halloween as a national holiday (its strange considering only about 30% of people here actually celebrate it!)

Friday was great, a couple of us decided to get up early (I mean we had to meet at 10:45AM) and go tour a vineyard about 20KM or so away. To get there we took a train and then at the train stop took a taxi the rest of the way. The Vineyard was beatiful, it was voted the best vineyard in Chile for 2008, so that is why we decided to go there. We got there at about 12:30, had a excellent lunch, with some steaks and several bottles of wine and then at 3:30 went on the tour. It was reasonably priced, it was about 40 dollars per person. Here are some pics:

Friday night, I went to a halloween party which was thrown by one of my friends. But, a few of us had planned to go hiking in the mountains on Saturday, so we didnt stay out too late. Being hungover on a hike is the worst! We went to a area which was about a hour drive from the city called Yerba Loca, it was amazing! Originally, we were going to rent 2 cars, but my friends was able to borrow cars from people. The funny thing is that one of the cars was a Computer repair van! It was the worst thing to take up a mountain. Right after, we parked the car at the trailhead, a bunch of steam started coming out of the hood! At that point, we couldnt do much, so we just left a note and headed up the mountain.....(We fixed it for the ride home)

(our trail for about 20 percent of the time)

(seeking shelter from the storm)

(A good profile for Field and Stream or something...)


(The van that broke down)

(My friends Will and Karlee)

The park kinda reminded me of Colorado landscapes. Our original goal was to make it to the Glacier at the top of the mountain, but it turns out that is a 14 hour hike, a little much to do in one day. The trail was really messy and muddy as well, becuase of Spring runoff. A lot of times our trail was a stream! At first, the weather was beatiful, but about a hour before we were going to turn back, we hit a huge rain/hail storm and had to chill underneath a rock for a bit, until that slowed down..A awesome hike.......

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