Monday, January 12, 2009

Update on crazy journey

So its been a amazing trip sooo far. So we took a overnight bus to Valdivia, a town about 12 hours south of Santiago. We arrived in the morning, found a hostel to stay for the night and explored the city for the day. Day was fun, taking a boat tour (which was kinda crappy), getting lunch and then going to the beach, which was about 20 km away. On the way back, we stopped at the Kunsman brewery (a big name beer here), had a few drinks and then headed back to town. We then proceeded to find a bar, and of course the first bar that we found is was a gay bar...figures.....So after a quick exit, we found another bar which suited us and we stayed there for the rest of the night.

The next day, we left for Puerto Varas, and we camped and hiked at the base of a volcano. It was amazing, luckily, the volcano didnt blow while we were there! On the way to the campground, we met a couple of Brazilans and ended up camping and hanging out with them. Cool peeps...

After Puerto Varas, we took another bus to the island of ChiloƩ and spent the night in Ancun. We took a tour around and actually got to see Penguins in the wild. It was amazing. After a night in Ancun, we took another bus (soooo many buses on this trip) to the city of Castro which is a bit further south on ChiloƩ. We are here now and tomorrow, we take a bus back to Puerto Montt, where we take a flight about 1000 miles south and begin the crown tour of the trip.....Hiking Torres Del Paine.....It should be a experience!

Until the next internet cafe!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Until the next time that I have internet access

Well, the trip starts this evening. Our bus leaves at 11:30PM and the first leg is 12 hours. I cant imagine that I will get much sleep!

Here is all the stuff (minus a few things that didnt make the cut), that I fit into my bag.

Man my back is going to hurt...

Until I come across a internet cafe!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back in Chile

So after a short but fantastic trip to the US, I am back to the warmth of Chile. Even though it was a quick trip, only about 9 days. I felt that I was able to accomplish a lot. After the NYs eve party, it was so hard to say good bye to so many good people....But, when I make the move back to the US for good, I know that those people will be there and I look forward to that moment.

Getting back to Chile was fine, no problems with the flights or anything. But still, 11 hours of flights still goes long.......

My weekend was chill, just did some shopping for our upcoming adventure. Today, we bought the first round of bus tickets to the south of Chile. We leave for our trip on Tuesday night and then will return on Feb. 1st. This is what I moved to South America for! Here is a map detailing where we are going to go:

Here is a rough schedule for our trip:

6: Overnight bus to Valdivia (about a 12 hour bus ride)
7: Day in Valdivia
8: Valdivia and travel to Chiloe
9: Day in Chiloe
10: Day in Chiloe
11: Chiloe and travel to Puerto Varas
12: Day in Puerto Varas
13: Travel to Puerto Montt for flight to Punta Arenas
14: Travel to Torres Del Paine
15: Camp in Torres
16: Camp in Torres
17: Camp in Torres
18: Camp in Torres
19: Camp in Torres
20: Travel to Punta Arenas and fly back to Puerto Montt
21: Leave for Bariloche
22: White Water Rafting/ leave bariloche in the evening to Mar del plata, Argentina
23: Buenos Aires/mar del plata
24: Buenos Aires/Mar del plata
26: Buenos Aires
27: Buenos Aires
28: Buenos Aires
29: Buenos Aires
30: Bus to Santiago
31: Arrive to Santiago

We are going to spend some serious bus time. Just to get to Buenos Aires from our location will be about 22 hours! Then its another 22 hours back to Santiago......

Time to start packing...