Sunday, April 26, 2009

mover over Susan Boyle

Want to see Kyle making a fool of himself? Click on the link, its my first real song that I have tabbed by ear:

Kyle Video

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a couple random things

First: So i have a friend who put out a bowl of water for a hurt dog. She goes back to her patio to see if the dog returns. In this moment, a guy riding his bike stops, dumps the water out and takes the bowl. Funny, but very sad as well.

Second: I love it when people on the street hand me flyers and ask me I want to improve my English....I guess I dont look that gringo after all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something entertaining

So there are a lot of things are translated into English down here (like ads, menus, etc), but for some reason, all of them always have grammar or spelling errors..Here is one of the funny ones:

Some of the funny errors:
-Swimins pool
-Interactive nights (What is this?)
-horse BACKriding

I still laugh about this..............

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back from another weekend adventure

So I am back from a Easter Weekend camping trip. It was a good time, we left Thursday night for a overnight bus ride to La Serena, a town about 6 hours away by bus. Once we arrived, we took another local bus to the village of Pisco Elqui, a tiny town where most of the Pisco (the stuff I brought home over Xmas) is made.

The Elqui valley has the special title of having the clearest skies in the world! So that is kinda coo to go to a place like that.

So once we got there, we found a place to camp and then went into town. The day was relaxed, we just walked around and did a tour of a Pisco factory and tried a lot of different types of Pisco. So were good and some were bad. At night, we just went back to the campsite, made some dinner and had some drinks (there were 10 of us). Saturday was more of the same, made breakfast over the fire, walked to town and explored some more.

But Sunday was a long day because of traffic, I left the campsite at 9:45Am and didnt get back to my place until 10PM! A big reason for that is traffic was backed up very far because of everybody trying to get back into town...

Here are some pics:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Back from Weekend adventure

So this weekend I ended up going on a sweet hiking trip with some of my friends and some other people that I didnt know (8 of us in total). I knew that it would be a difficult hike, and man was I right! We took a city bus to the base of the mountain just outside the city, walked a bit and then started at the trail head. It was 3PM, and we knew that we would be pushing the limit for daylight (it gets dark around 7PM here). So we started the long uphill battle to reach our destination. Well, of course, it got dark and we had to hike around 2 hours in the dark, it wasnt completely dark (the lights of the city helped a bit), but we still needed to use our headlamps to find our way around. This isnt the kind of trail where you are just walking through the woods or anything, you are climbing rocks and bolders, so there really isnt a well marked trail or anything, just a painted rock every so often, so when you are hiking, just make sure that you see a marker every once and a while. We got to our camp (looks like a place on Antartica or something), made some dinner and went to bed very quick.

(The view of the city)

The thing is that we were at about 9,500 feet now, so the temp drops and the winds pick up, so there isnt much to do, except to stay warm and go to bed....

(Our "hotel")

The next day we started hiking around 10AM, and headed for our next stop, about a 6 hour hike a little father up the mountain. There were some tricky parts and a long way down, if you lost your footing.

(Second day hike)

(Second day hike)

(Second day hike)

We arrived at our spot at 4PM, which gave us some time to relax and hang out before it got dark. So we decided to leave our packs and trek up to the summit about 45 min away, where you could have great views of the city and surrounding area..

(Our Refugio for the second night)

(Hanging out inside)

(At the summit)

(At the summit)

(At the summit)

(At the summit)

Pretty much a chill evening, the party is pretty much over at night because of the lack of light. The last day we had to hike back down which was really hard and difficult, it involved about 7 hours of decent, which is really hard on the knees...

(Cooking inside)

(Last day hiking down)

(Lots of wild hourses)

(Entire group)

Overall a amazing weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update from a messy room

So I am a firm believer that when you have more things to do, you are more productive...I mean I dont work that much, and I still cant manage to get my room clean! grrr...oh well.

Life is good lately, going backpacking this weekend and going to hike the mountains around Santiago, a quick 2 night trip, should be fun though.

Its kinda strange that my 1 year is coming up, I mean it still about 3 months away, but its getting closer. I guess I am thinking about it more because a lot of good friends will be starting to leave in about 1 and a half months, so its sucks, but I knew that when I came down here. And so, I am looking for the next step too, I dont I want to make new friends in Chile, I feel like I know Chile now.If I have to make new friends, why not make them in a new country? Which is why I still think Argentina will be next, but I just dont know when, it will probably happen at the end of the year, I guess, after I visit the states for a couple months. I also have been applying for govt jobs (they take about 2 years to get filled), so maybe in 2 years, I will be ready to move back to the US???? Who knows, but we will see what oppertunities will come up and when...I just want to make sure that I visit most places that I want to before I decide on the next step. I mean because the chances of me just quiting my job and moving another country (Again), probably will be slimmer......