Monday, April 13, 2009

Back from another weekend adventure

So I am back from a Easter Weekend camping trip. It was a good time, we left Thursday night for a overnight bus ride to La Serena, a town about 6 hours away by bus. Once we arrived, we took another local bus to the village of Pisco Elqui, a tiny town where most of the Pisco (the stuff I brought home over Xmas) is made.

The Elqui valley has the special title of having the clearest skies in the world! So that is kinda coo to go to a place like that.

So once we got there, we found a place to camp and then went into town. The day was relaxed, we just walked around and did a tour of a Pisco factory and tried a lot of different types of Pisco. So were good and some were bad. At night, we just went back to the campsite, made some dinner and had some drinks (there were 10 of us). Saturday was more of the same, made breakfast over the fire, walked to town and explored some more.

But Sunday was a long day because of traffic, I left the campsite at 9:45Am and didnt get back to my place until 10PM! A big reason for that is traffic was backed up very far because of everybody trying to get back into town...

Here are some pics:

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