Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update from a messy room

So I am a firm believer that when you have more things to do, you are more productive...I mean I dont work that much, and I still cant manage to get my room clean! grrr...oh well.

Life is good lately, going backpacking this weekend and going to hike the mountains around Santiago, a quick 2 night trip, should be fun though.

Its kinda strange that my 1 year is coming up, I mean it still about 3 months away, but its getting closer. I guess I am thinking about it more because a lot of good friends will be starting to leave in about 1 and a half months, so its sucks, but I knew that when I came down here. And so, I am looking for the next step too, I dont I want to make new friends in Chile, I feel like I know Chile now.If I have to make new friends, why not make them in a new country? Which is why I still think Argentina will be next, but I just dont know when, it will probably happen at the end of the year, I guess, after I visit the states for a couple months. I also have been applying for govt jobs (they take about 2 years to get filled), so maybe in 2 years, I will be ready to move back to the US???? Who knows, but we will see what oppertunities will come up and when...I just want to make sure that I visit most places that I want to before I decide on the next step. I mean because the chances of me just quiting my job and moving another country (Again), probably will be slimmer......

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