Monday, May 4, 2009

There is going to be some changes around here......

Another great weekend has passed. I have a friend who is a bit of a singer/songwriter and was invited to play at a bar a couple hours away from Santiago and he invited a bunch of us to come along. Also, me and another friend of mine kinda opened up for him each night. It was fun, we had been practicing a couple songs to play, so it all worked out. So we got there on Friday afternoon, relaxed, and started playing at about 9PM. Well, before you know it, it was 6AM and we were trying to find our way back to the cabin where we were staying at (we got kinda lost because it was down this long and dark, dirt road)......

As one can predict, we werent that productive on Saturday and started moving around 3PM. Well, Saturday night was more of the same, started playing at 9PM and got home about 6AM again....and went back to Santiago on Sunday afternoon.

Here are a couple of videos of my buddy Vic and I playing:

Things goin on by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Next time you see me by Grateful Dead

So that was a fun thing to do before we left Chile. On a sad note, it will be the last weekend trip that I will take certainly with my friends in Chile. But everybody notes its not a long term thing.

In other BIG news, I am coming home earlier than I thought. I have been applying for jobs (dont worry, these jobs arent for the next year or so) and I have to come home and take a test for one of the jobs I applied to. So that means, I will be in Chicago and Michigan for about 5 weeks. So I am pretty pumped, I arrive on May 18 and I will leave on June 23 to return to Chile because I have friends coming. After that, I dont really know what is on my plate, probably some more travelling and then????

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