Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update from the US

So I am kinda upset that I traveled 5000 miles, only to have worse weather in Chicago! It has pretty much been cold and rainy for a lot of my time here. But, it still has been amazing to be back. I have been back for about 2 weeks now, so I just been catching up with people, having lots of cookouts, going to the bar. This trip home is a lot different than my Xmas trip, as I had to visit 3 states in 11 days, so that was rushed.

I also visited my old job for a couple hours, it was strange to be back, almost like I didnt leave. But, reflecting on my previous year, I am very glad to have left NFA, otherwise nothing would have changed really in my life.

Had a great weekend too, me and 3 friends went to Milwaukee for a long weekend. It was fun to revisit there because the last time I was there it was in the dead of winter, so we really didnt have a lot of time to spend exploring the city. At night, we checked out the night scene and on Sunday we saw a Brewers game. A good experience, but it was rather cold at the game.

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