Sunday, July 5, 2009

I know its been a while.....

So I am back in Chile....Well now, I have been back for about 2 weeks now. I arrived on July 26, exactly a year from when I arrived the previous year. It was strange to be back at first, Chile has a smell to it and I remember that same smell when I arrived the first time in the winter.....Its interesting to be back in a city where I had so much fun, many friends and many experiences. Now, I look in my phone book and about 80 percent of the numbers dont exist. So I am glad that I decided to quit my job there and find another country to live in. Chile just wouldnt be the same and I dont want to start all over from the beginning again....

But on a different note, my friends arrived the day after I arrived and we started our adventure. We went to Easter Island last week and it was amazing.....To see the maui (the big head statues) is really impressive and to think that I am only one of 55,000 people to make it there every year is a cool stat. I am lucky as well to have the money and the time to go there. It was a long flight, almost 5 hours. We arrived on the first day and decided to rent a jeep as that is the best way to explore the island on your own. We spent the next couple of days, exploring the island, the maui, and caves by ourself. As this is the winter season, the island was empty and so we had the ruins pretty much to ourselves. That in itself was a neat feeling. Not suprisingly, the island is really expensive and a regular place, meals run about 30 bucks, so we actually ended up cooking food in the hostel a couple of nights. So then we returned to Santiago the other day and I lead my friends around the city for a couple of days, seeing the sights. Now tonight, we are headed to the north of Chile to explore the salt flats and the desert areas. Another aventure to be had!!!

But after my friends leave on July 12, I have no idea what I am going to do. I havent heard from anything about my job application, in which I was planning on returning to the states for that. But I cant just wait around for that. But I dont want to stay in Santiago as it dreary, cold, and I only know a handful of people. So I think that I will go to Peru for a bit and explore. I have some other plans of traveling with friends, but we will see if those pan out.

Pics later of Easter Island.

Off to the airport!

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clanier said...

your plans are so grand, kyle!
have so much fun in the north. it's so magical.
good luck with all. i'm sure everything will work out and you'll find your direction soon enough. take care.