Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Currently in Amsterdam

So now I am in Holland and it is very different from the Holland, MI that I grew up in...Sure they both have tulips and windmills but the culture is way laid back and accepting unlike the one in Michigan. Its funny to see drugs being sold on the street and it being legal, people going to coffee shops and seeing the "menu", folks walking down the red light district (that is legal here) see girls in the window and ordering.....Its funny...Other than that, its a neat city and pretty much interlocked with canals..

Before Holland, we spent two days in Brussels (Belgium). It also is a neat city with old style buildings. We had lots of good beer and good food (had a waffle and good chocolate) One thing that I have learned on this Europe trip is that the cities are pretty much built on top of each other and so the maps are really confusing. Its not like a newer city where it is built on the grid system and is very easy to get around...

Well, we are going to rent some bikes today and then tomorrow we take a train to Germany...Hasta

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