Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update from Austria

So for the last couple of days, we have been in Austria. Its been great, amazing views of the alps and good food. Right now, we are staying in the town of St Joann, the reason why we are staying here is that Eriks rents have a timeshare thing and they let us use it. Its a pretty sweet place, except it kinda caters towards a older crowd....Anyway, its cool to have a free place. So during the day we have been relxing by the pool, playing ping pong or playing cards. We also did a sweet day hike in the Alps! It was really cool but really hard....The hike took about 9 hours to get up and down...We still have a couple more days here and then we leave for Vienna (another city in Austria) after that, its off to Prauge where Erik leaves and then I fly back to London for a few more weeks.....

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