Friday, August 21, 2009

Update from Germany

So it is really hard to type on German keyboards cause some of the letters are in different spots! Grr.....Oh well....Things are good here. We arrived to Germany last night after a 6 hour train ride. The trains were really nice, Erik and I had a suite to ourselves. We pretty much played cards for about the whole time. We are staying at Eriks cousins house, which is great cause it saves us some money, the only bad part it is really outside of the city and it takes us about a hour to get back home. But its nice to see the neighborhoods as well. We have been a little sluggish today cause we were pretty much up all night. Tonight and tomorrow we will probably just see some of the sights in the city. Last night was really random as well. One of the bars we went to last night, actually had a fav band of mine from Chile (Chillo Truijillo)! It was so cool! I mean what are the chances of that happening!

Off to the city...

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