Saturday, September 5, 2009

Update from Wales

So my journey has taken me to Wales now. Its been about 4 days since leaving Prague with Erik. Its different traveling by yourself than with someone. But its not bad, just a little different. So after Prague, I went back to London for a few days and explored London some more. I met a cool guy and we hung out a bit. This time in London, I had a little more time to explore. I did a walking tour and saw all the important sites (big ben, London bridge, Tower of London, Abbey Road) and I still will have a couple more days when I return on the 17th. I still want to do the Tower of London tour and see the British Museum. After London, I took a train to Salisbury. The main draw for this place is Stonehenge which is about 8 miles away. Stonehenge was very neat, but I only had about 45 minutes there. Its funny though, a lot of people think that by the pics of the place, its in the middle of nowhere. But there is actually a big highway not too far away!

The English countryside is really nice and green. I would love to see it more but I am a little restricted by not having a car or having all the supplies to go camping. I have been planning this trip pretty much day by day for the most part. I did have one small hitch though. I was planning on taking a ferry from Swansea (in Wales) to Ireland to see some friends that I met in Vienna. The problem is that I found out that the ferry doesnt run anymore! So I decided to change my plans and fly to Dubin on Monday. That way, I have time for a little 3 day guided backpacking tour across the south of Ireland before heading to Liverpool and hopefully meet up with a friend from Chile...So I will explore Wales tomorrow and the next day and then its time to fly!

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