Sunday, October 4, 2009

New apartment and new place

So I have finally settled in a new place...and I am very happy about that...Its nothing special, but I chose the place for a couple of reasons..A, its cheap and B, the roomies are really cool people and all musicans which is great for me...But, there are always new suprises I keep finding out about the there is no heating vent in the room (I saw some space heaters in the basement, so I will have to grab that) and this morning I noticed there wasnt a microwave...hmmm, that might be a problem, I might have to go and buy a cheap one...

So once I have settled into my apartment, I can finally start planning out my life here and start working towards the whole photo bit....I got my new camera and it is fantastic, the High Def video is incredible, I uploaded a video of my room to youtube, here is a link to it....

I am also very happy about the move back to Chicago...Its great to be back in a place that I know and know people, its strange, I really forget that I actually went away for a 1.5 years! But this time in Chicago, for me has a different purpose, trying to make money off something I like to do..I know it will be difficult, probably for a couple years, but by cutting expenses and since I am only supporting myself, the transition, probably wont be too bad (I think), its crazy though, I am actually paying 700 dollars less a month for rent alone! Thats 8400 dollars a year that I dont need to make to surive! Crazyness..

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clanier said...

dude. that is so awesome that
a. you're back in chicago
b. your pursuing your love, photography
c. most importantly you're not stuck in that work- to- pay- for- the- car- that- drives- you- to- work- that- pays- for- the- house- that- keeps- you- tied- down- that- makes- you- work- to- pay- for- the- car CYCLE! ah!
i'm happy for you. buena suerte con todo!