Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chicago Update

Its been a interesting week, I ended up going to Iowa for a couple days last week with the photographer that I have a internship with. Steve just happens to be the official photographer of these septuplets that were born 12 years ago. The reason we were there was to document their 12th birthday. Of course, Steve took pics and I took some video but we really just played with these kids for two days. And here is where the story gets interesting..We left to drive back to Chicago at 8PM (its about a 6 hour drive). Halfway between Des Moines and Cedar rapids, all of a sudden, the engine blows on the highway. So we pull over, and wait for a tow truck, that takes about 1.5 hours and then get taken to a gas station. We ended up making reservations at a Hertz rental place at Cedar Rapids airport, the problem is how to get there and can we get there before it closes? We hire a taxi to cedar rapids (its about 70 miles) and rush to get to the car rental place. Well, we are in the taxi on the backroads of Iowa and all of a sudden the Taxi hits a deer, we didnt crash or anything, but it just messed up the guys car. We ended up getting to the Hertz 40 mins past closing, but the lady was nice enough to stay until we got there. Then we got a rental car and drove home..I ended up getting home at 5:30AM, pretty tired as one can imagine!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

getting cold here

Its November now! Its just a matter of time before the snow starts falling.....

Things have been good here though, I went to a awesome Halloween party the other day. Pretty much all my friends were there. Had too much fun. Other than that, I have been busy. Either doing photo stuff or music. I finished my room as well, I have my guitars on the wall, so that creates some extra space in my tiny room. Photo assignments are slowly picking up, the coolest I have shot was a Murder Mystery Promo shot. We shot it at a mansion in the burbs. Here are some of the pics...